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cigarsanpolitic [userpic]
A nice surprise
by cigarsanpolitic (cigarsanpolitic)
at May 26th, 2006 (05:05 pm)

current mood: giddy

Ronna: Ronna is sitting out at her desk, snacking on yet another bag of crasins. Shaking her head, she wonders how no one got a little bit curious when she bought the store out of them. Anyway, she throws the bag away, gets up, and knocks on Matt's door.

Matt: Matt's going over campagin budget figures. He grunts in anoyance and throws the pen he was working wit across the table. "Come in,"

Ronna: Ronna comes in and smiles. "Having a bit of a day?" she asks as she sits across from him.

Matt: "Money sucks," He says as he points to the figures in front of him.

Ronna: "Well, you know, it has it's up points." She quickly looks over the numbers. "Yeah, no idea how to help you on that one."

Matt: "Traitor," he mocked gently. "Your working for Raferty in secret aren't you?"

Ronna: "You caught me, Matt," she teases back "I've been working for her since the beginning. It would give me no greater thrill if you got your ass kicked by her."

Matt: "Mortaly wounded," he mimes an arrow shot to the heart."So," he says imediatly switching to busness mode."What's up"

Ronna: "Well, I'm..." she hesitates for a second. "I'm pregnant." Then she beams.

Matt: The serious frown morphed into a wide smile. "You're what?"

Ronna: "Thirteen and a half weeks pregnant." She smiles because of his smile. It's been a while since he had one that big.

Matt: He stood up and spontaniously started to give Rhonna a hug. "That's awesome Ronna."

Ronna: "Thanks. But, um, just a heads up, my due date? November fourteenth. So i don't know how much help I'll be come election time."

Matt: He nods, "Well the timing sucks but I think we can deal with it." he just grins. Overjoyed at the news

Ronna: "Yeah, well, it should make it interesting. Who knows, it might even be fun. And I'm glad you're happy. I mean, not that I thought you'd fire me or anything, but let's face it, an unwed pregnant chick due in November isn't going to play well." She doesn't even know why she worries about this, but she does because that's what she does.

Matt: Matt sighs, "That's what I pay the press department for, you just keep doing your job. We'll work it out."

Ronna: She smiles and hugs him again. When she pulls back she says: "I'll let you get back to looking at numbers and throwing things because of it. Remember, you have a meeting up on the Hill at five."

Matt: Matt smiles, "I will," he makes his way back to the desk.

Ronna: " 'Kay, so I'll remind you at quarter til then." She walks out, shuts the door and sighs. This is a good day.