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Sam (da man) [userpic]
by Sam (da man) (ivyleaguelawboy)
at May 18th, 2006 (02:06 am)

CJ: It's the middle of the night (or obscenely early in the morning, depending on how you look at things), but the Cregg-Seaborn family seems rather unaware of this, sleep already having become a foreign concept. CJ's attempting to nurse the Child Called Blob with complete and total fascination. "I didn't expect her to be so tiny," she admits after a while to Sam.

Sam: Sam sits in a chair next to the bed, quietly fascinated with this, with them. "Neither did I," he agrees, eyes glued on both of them. "I don't know /what/ I expected, exactly, but..." He trails off, swallowing. "Yeah." He looks up at CJ with a tiny smile. "How ya doin'?"

CJ: "I feel like I've been run over by a truck," she admits, not looking up. "And I'm not sure she's actually /getting/ anything, but-- Pretty damn incredible," she raises her eyes for a second "She's amazing."

Sam: "Yeah," he agrees, nodding. "She is." He falls back into silence, content to just watch them.

CJ: "Yeah," she agrees softly. After a few moments she mumbles, absently, "When was the last time you slept?"

Sam: "I don't know. The plane, I think," he replies, just as absently. "You?"

CJ: "Last year," she says, completely serious, then. "I got a few hours last night. You should try to, you know-- " she starts to lift a hand to gesture, but it moves the baby who starts to cry, causing an utterly panicked expression to develop on CJ's face.

Sam: Sam blinks, rapidly. "Can I--?" He gestures toward the baby. "Or does she still need--?"

CJ: CJ looks up, eyes wide "I don't know," she admits, swallowing. "She's--" She looks down at the baby then back up at Sam before cautiously holding her out. "I don't know if I can do this."

Sam: Swallowing again, Sam carefully takes the baby and cradles her gently. "You can," he whispers, pressing his lips to the crying baby's forehead. "If you can't, I can't, and we, well, /have/ to--" His breath catches for a second as he realizes the crying's stopped. He smiles. "See? We can do this." And sure enough, the baby starts crying again. "Maybe."

CJ: CJ shoots him a doubtful look, then, to the baby, says "What do you want, hmm? Are you hungry? Tired? Pissed at the fact that Republicans still hold a majority in the House?" This doesn't seem to help much.

Sam: He snorts at the last comment, looking back at the still-upset baby. "Yeah, me too," he whispers, stroking her cheek. "Are you cold?" He looks up at CJ. "You think she's cold?"

CJ: "Maybe?" she whispers, near tears herself. "Or hot? She could be hot, too. Or wet-- Check her diaper--"

Sam: "Oh--" He walks the baby over to her little table/bed thing and checks. Yeah, she's wet. "You were right," he says, looking around for a new diaper. "Any idea where I might find another one of these?"

CJ: "Do you know what to do with it when you find one?" she asks, pulling herself up a bit. "One of the nurses left a whole bag of--" she frowns, squinting around the room. "On that chair--" she points.

Sam: Aha! He reaches over and grabs a diaper off the chair. "I think so. I've, you know, seen it done before. On TV. How hard can it be?"

CJ: CJ takes a deep breath "I wasn't ready," she admits, almost ashamed. "I'd planned to finish the season and spend /next/ week getting ready for her and-- You're sure you can figure it out?"

Sam: "Yeah! I'm fine. Really." He assesses the task, expression grim. "I need some sort of wipe or something, don't I?"

CJ: "They're not with the--? I'm gonna page a nurse to-- To make sure we're doing it /right/."

Sam: "Good idea," he admits, a little defeated, contenting himself to stroke the baby's cheek as he waits.

CJ: And so CJ pushes the little call button before getting out of bed to stand next to him, sliding an arm around his waist "Think your mom would think about spending a few weeks on our couch?" she whispers, tentatively examining the diaper.

Sam: "At this rate, we might as well put her on payroll," he agrees, leaning into her. "You feeling okay?"

CJ: She nods, still frowning at the diaper. "Exhausted," she admits. "Overwhelmed." She's about to say something else when one of the nurses arrives and a Very Sheepish CJ explains their dilemma.

Sam: Sam, meanwhile, equally sheepish, takes a step back. Realizing everyone's attention is focused elsewhere, he allows himself to break out into an absolutely dopey, giddy grin. I'm a daddy. He looks back at the baby, who in what seems like a nanosecond has already been cleaned up and re-diapered by the extremely patient nurse. "How did she do that?" he mouths to himself.

CJ: CJ looks very much like a woman who'd like to be taking notes. Instead, she offers a sheepish thanks and awkwardly picks the baby up. "You think we'll ever manage that level of precision?" she whispers.

Sam: "I'm sure it just takes time," he says, reassuringly. "Or secret ninja-like training."

CJ: CJ laughs, clutching the baby more tightly as if she's afraid of dropping her. "Yeah, we're gonna need to call in your mother for reinforcement. I figure if anyone's been through the ninja training, it's her."

Sam: "Mom's the master ninja of them all," he agrees sagely. "She can be scary if she really wants to be."

CJ: "Yeah, learned that one the hard way," she mutters, leaning against him and closing her eyes. "I'm afraid to sleep," she admits.

Sam: "Me too," he whispers, arms finding their way around her waist. "Maybe we should take it in shifts. Problem is, we'll never end up sleeping at the same time ever again."

CJ: "Mmm," she agrees. "I'm just glad to know you're gonna be one of those dads who's more than happy to get up with her every couple of hours," she mumbles. "I mean, I assume, it's not something we really talked about--"

Sam: He nods, quickly. "Yeah, yeah, of course. Sure." He rests his chin on her shoulder, peering down at the now much-happier baby. He smiles. "I'd love to."

CJ: "Think you could learn to breastfeed, too?" she asks, cracking a sleepy grin. "Or do you think that would just scar her for life?"

Sam: "I don't think Cole's set aside time for that," he points out. "Otherwise, well-- Yeah, that would just be weird."

CJ: "Yeah," she says, grin fading slightly. "Did you call him to let him know? Because you should, it's-- He should know." Pause. "But nothing to the press, just-- You know?"

Sam: "I'll call in the morning," he says, stifling a yawn. "Somebody ought to sleep, I think."

CJ: "You first," she urges, squinting at the baby. "I'm not ready to let go yet." Pause. "God, is it possible that she looks like you already?"

Sam: "You think?" He looks at the baby for a long moment. "I don't see it." He takes another quick look. "Well, maybe a little."

CJ: "She's gorgeous," she whispers. "Trust me, she looks like you."

Sam: "I was going more for the ears, but okay," he whispers. "You're right, though. She's the very definition of the--" He stops abruptly. "That's it."

CJ: "What?" she asks, alarmed. "What's what--?"

Sam: "Bella," he says, simply, waiting for a response.

CJ: "Bella," she repeats, softly. "Bella Marie Cregg-Seaborn." She nods, slowly, looking down at the baby "Bella?" she whispers. Bella, meanwhile, is fast asleep and rather oblivious to the conversation at hand.

Sam: "She's certainly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, so it...makes sense, I suppose. She sets the standard. For everything." He swallows hard. "Bella," he whispers again, and this time it's more of a statement than a question.

CJ: She nods "Bella," she repeats. "Isabella, you think, or just--?" She shakes her head, smiling. "Just Bella."

Sam: "Just Bella," he agrees. "Wow." He laughs softly, in utter amazement.

CJ: "Yeah," she breathes, awed little smile being interrupted by a yawn. "Your turn," she announces, holding Bella out to him.

Sam: He takes Bella off CJ's hands, handling her as if she were porcelain. "Sleep," he urges. "I'll wake you up if something happens. Deal?"

CJ: She nods, settling into bed and reaching for Bella again "Just let me say goodnight," she whispers.

Sam: "All yours," he whispers, handing her back with a grin.

CJ: CJ kisses the top of the baby's head and beams at her "I love you both," she whispers, fiercely.