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Dr. Abigail Bartlet [userpic]
by Dr. Abigail Bartlet (dr_abbeybartlet)
at May 21st, 2006 (10:56 am)

A delivery of a completely different kind will be made to the Cregg-Seaborn residence today. It will include this (http://www.browneyedbabyboutique.com/mylilbeblpeg.html) for Bella, this (http://www.browneyedbabyboutique.com/daandmebagib.html) for Sam, and this (http://www.browneyedbabyboutique.com/spadigiba.html) for CJ. 

Attached is a note. 

 Dear CJ, Sam, and especially the newset member of our family, 

      Jed and I wanted to wish you congratulations on the birth of Bella, whom I understand was a little impatient and had to make her arrival a tad early. You can tell her in the future that her birth was punctual and punctuality is something to be admired. I'm sorry that we still haven't managed to have lunch CJ, but having Bella in the flesh is far more important than lunch. I can't wait to see her, and neither can Jed who I have a feeling will be spoiling this new child rotten (I threatened to have the internet disconnected in the Residence after I found him ordering Josiah some trinket he will never use). Rest, CJ and you too Sam-this is going to be a tiring but unforgettable ride. 

Hope to see you soon-

With all our love,

Jed and Abbey