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Beyond the Oval

A West Wing RPG

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beyondtheoval is a RPG community based on the television show "The West Wing".

Are you interested in joining BtO? Hurrah! Follow this link for a rundown of our rules and the application. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail the moderator, settlingtheroom, at beyondthemod @ gmail.com.

Just interested in following along? Welcome! Feel free to add us to your friends list. Just keep in mind, this is a closed community, so only player accounts have membership. If you apply on a non-player account, it will be rejected. Visit betterthanmetro, our OCC/fan comm, if you'd like to drop us a line.

===Cast of Characters===
Abigail Bartlet, First Lady -- dr_abbeybartlet
Alix Ramsay, Assistant to Carol Fitzpatrick -- groundhog_girl
Amy Gardner, First Lady’s Chief of Staff -- notsomuchforyou
Annabeth Schott, WH Assistant for Media Relations -- rosetintedchaos
Annie Bartlet, First Granddaughter -- us_feminist
Carol Fitzpatrick, WH Press Secretary -- settlingtheroom
Cathy, Assistant to Rep. Seaborn -- donutstealer
Charlie Young, President's Bodyman -- charlieyoung
CJ Cregg, Television Pundit/Anchor, "Spin Cycle" -- ucbfeminista
Daisy, Assistant to Mandy Hampton -- bicyclebuilt4me
Danny Concannon, Reporter, Washington Post -- goldfishboy
Ed and Larry, Legislative Aides to Mr. Lyman -- ed_and_larry
Ellie Bartlet, First Daughter -- ellieboo
Gina Toscano, Officer, Capital Police -- molti_segreti
Helen Santos, wife and mother -- helensantos
Hogan Cregg, Niece to CJ Cregg -- hogan_cregg
Jake Whittier, Assistant to Josh Lyman -- dhatuofjake
Joe Quincy, Associate White House Counsel -- downstairsjoe
Jordan Kendall, Special Counsel to the WH CoS -- jekatlaw
Josiah Bartlet, President of the United States -- quidproximus
Leo McGarry, White House Chief of Staff -- leotmcgarry
Liz Bartlet, First Daughter -- 1st_1stdaughter
Lord John Marbury, British Ambassador -- lordjohnmarbury
Mandy Hampton, Campaign Manager, Hoynes for President -- mandyvillian
Matt Santos, Congressman (D-TX) -- cigarsanpolitic
Dr. Nancy McNally, National Security Advisor -- n_mcnally
Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Chairman o/the Joint Chiefs -- fitzahoy
Ronna, Senior Staff, Congressman Santos' office -- bluebonnettexan
Sam Seaborn, Congressman (D-CA) -- ivyleaguelawboy
Taylor Reed, Television Talk Show Host -- taylorreed
Toby Ziegler, WH Director of Communications -- babieswithhats
Zoey Bartlet, First Daughter -- zee_triscuit

===Wanted Characters===
Andrea Wyatt, Congresswoman (D-MD)
Bonnie, Assistant to Toby Ziegler
Bruno Gianelli, Political Operative -- slush_fund
Donna Moss, College Student -- deputydeputy
Elsie Snuffin, Writer -- jokes_n_snuff
Ginger, Assistant to Toby Ziegler -- spicy_redhead
Josh Lyman, White House Deputy Chief of Staff -- jlyman
Kate Harper, Deputy National Security Advisor
Margaret, Assistant to Leo McGarry -- i_am_margaret
Will Bailey, Communications Director for Andrea Wyatt-- willbailey

===Open Characters===
Roberto Mendoza, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Angela Blake, Political Consultant
Arnold Vinick, Congressman (R-CA)
Chris Mulready, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Clifford Calley, Majority Counsel
Debbie Fidderer, Assistant to the President
Evelyn Baker Lang, Chief Justice, SCOTUS
Greg Brock, New York Times
Matt Skinner, Congressman (R-PA)
Mike Casper, Agent, FBI
Millicent Griffith, Surgeon General
Ron Butterfield, Head of the Secret Service
Stu Winkle, Gossip Columnist, The Washington Post
Will Sawyer Reporter
Evelyn Baker Lang, Chief Justice, SCOTUS

For fangirling, squee, complaints, questions and suggestions, please visit betterthanmetro

The West Wing was created by Aaron Sorkin and is produced by John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. beyondtheoval and related journals and communities are for entertainment only and there is no profit being made. beyondtheoval and related journals are not affiliated or endorsed by any of the groups or organizations mentioned in the course of this fictional work, and do not claim to represent or speak for them.